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The Daybreakers' Breakfast

It is a well-documented fact that the world’s most successful entrepreneurs rise early enough to catch the proverbial worm. Apple’s Mr Tim Cook allegedly tells Siri to wake him up at 3.45am so that he can get an uninterrupted head-start on drowsy East Coasters. Twitter CEO Mr Jack Dorsey, on the other hand, gets up at 5.30am to meditate and then go jogging. The quiet solitude of the early morning allows these people to create a meaningful routine that prepares them psychologically, physically and emotionally for the day ahead.

There are ways to maximise your mornings ensuring greater productivity, health and emotional balance throughout the day. Join us on Thursday morning’s where your English language success begins with a morning well spent!

Earlier Event: 19 October
The Movers & Shakers Lounge
Later Event: 25 October
The Daybreaker's Breakfast