Our Method

Our optimal teaching (2 teachers per group) communication-focused approach draws on a multitude of methodologies with proven effectiveness, and is exceptionally powerful in accelerating language acquisition within a short period of time. The ‘immersion’ method, while uses language primarily as a tool for communication, rather than as the ultimate purpose of learning, greatly improves language proficiency and contributes to the development of key communicative competences.

Our programme contains a good balance of general and academic English. The course develops knowledge and skills that students need to learn and succeed in a globalised world. Our contemporary topics stimulate discussions and develop critical thinking. We provide our students with online study skills and materials connected to every unit which offer students a ready-made “how to succeed in my studies” toolkit. 



1) Interview, proficiency test and meet the team

2) Receive proficiency test results and personal report from your teachers

3) Approval of proposed development plan and course outline

4) Begin trial course (8 x 90 minute lessons/2 units) 

5) Monthly testing and progress reports.

6) Final unit test and progress report